What is New in Marketing

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In modern society, many changes take place at the lightning speed. This also applies to how we get information, how we make purchases, and what we prefer. Marketing is bound to adapt to these changes. We decided to enlighten you on how your business can improve conversions when interacting with the target audience. Here are some examples of new marketing rules for the B2B sector.

Do not Fear of Innovations

Many B2B marketers understand content they produce is ineffective. Then why do they still continue generating the same old, poor-quality material? It’s all about fear. We have fear of innovations because we are very accustomed to the old schemes of behavior with the buyer: a direct from which people try to escape; fears of using new instruments of marketing or their incorrect application.

Modern realities require a different approach to both marketing and sales. For this it is important to understand that:

  • The society does not support abrupt changes.
  • Changes are always a risk that we are not always ready for.
  • New technologies are difficult to implement.

New Marketing for B2B

Algorithm of Purchase has Changed

Today, 70% of the purchase decisions are made through the Internet. The impression of your company is formed long before the professional consultant with a smile meets the buyer on the threshold of your store. This happens because:

– ┬áBefore going to the store, we look for information about the product on the Internet.
– We study the pages of business partners on the social media to see if we can trust them.
– Before we watch the movie, we watch its trailer – it provides 90% of the decision to actually watch the movie.
– We read reviews about products and services before spending our money.

All this is done for understandable reasons: saving time plus increasing efficiency from buying – we get acquainted with a product and with a company that manufactures / sells it.

Real-Time Marketing

We all have smartphones, and access to any information we can get in a matter of seconds. The speed of its capture and digestion is so high that B2B-marketers will either have to participate in the race, or get off the track. If you are in the game then the way of delivery of information to your buyers should be minimal: give the content as soon as the buyer has started its searches.

Here is one of the most vivid examples of content in real time:

The story occurred during the Super Bowl at the San Francisco Stadium, when for technical reasons the light went out for half an hour. The idea of advertising was approved in just a few minutes: a print with a picture of a cookie on a dark background and the inscription “You can still dunk in the dark” and with the signature “No light? No problem” has been shared over 15,000 times on Twitter. It was one of the most striking advertising campaigns on the Super Bowl with a record low budget.

What Is New in Marketing

Give Your Products for Free

How do you feel when you find very useful material on the web (book, infographics, article), but then you realize that you need to fill out a form to get it. Especially if it consists of thousands of fields. It’s a shame. Especially if time is running out.

The rules of modern times are: make your clients free gifts, build new relationships with your customers, and share useful and valuable content for no charge. Remember that time is our most expensive resource therefore, do not make your customers spend too much of their time.

This is also true regarding to the registration forms on the site. For example, you share valuable material, but in return you ask to fill out the form: reduce the number of steps a client has to make to reach a desired goal. Remember – the fewer fields your form has, the higher the conversion.